I N T R O   S P E C I A L    $50 savings when you try 3 of our most popular services.

Black Friday Holiday Sale

Six-Pack Savings & 20% off All Retail!

Holiday Savings are here!  Save BIG on six-packs for select Wellness Club services and take 20% off all retail purchases from Nov. 26 - Dec. 3 (ONLINE & In-Store)


Now, when you purchase any six-pack* you get two bonus sessions for free. That’s 8 sessions for the price of 6!⁠ ⁠ Take control of your wellness with a variety of six-packs to choose from: ⁠ ⁠ 


  • 🥶Whole Body Cryotherapy for chronic pain, quicker recovery, and a quick happy hormone boost. ⁠ $25/session, a $15 savings per visit - $205 package investment⁠ ⁠BUY NOW


  • ❄️Local cryotherapy for targeting specific areas on the body to treat inflammation due to injury. Post-surgery or chronic pain spot treatments can also help heal incision areas and reduce swelling. $13.50/session, a $6.50 savings per visit. - $108 package investment⁠. BUY NOW


  • 🔥Infrared Sauna for muscle relaxation, detoxification, and light therapy. $18/session, a $12 savings per visit. - $150 package investment⁠. BUY NOW


  • 😔Normatec Compression Therapy boots and sleeves for breaking up lactic acid buildup, blood circulation, relaxation and pain sensitivity. $13.50/session, a $6.50 savings per visit. - $108 package investment⁠. BUY NOW


  • Somadome Meditation Pod gives the illusion of infinity and is aided by binaural beats and chromotherapy to support the goal of your session. $11.25/session, an $8.75 savings per visit. - $90 package investment. BUY NOW

Six Packs are great for a number of reasons:⁠ ⁠ 


📅 Good for 12 months after purchase date⁠ 

⛔ No membership required⁠ 

📱 Flexible scheduling via the Grit City Wellness App ⁠ 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Can be shared with friends and family⁠ 

🌟Helps make prioritizing wellness easy by putting the power in your hands to integrate into your daily life in a way that works for you. ⁠ ⁠ 

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Terms & Conditions: Excludes personal training, private yoga instruction and chiropractic. All packages are final sale, no exceptions. No purchase limit. Expires 12 months from purchase date.⁠