I N T R O   S P E C I A L    $50 savings when you try 3 of our most popular services.

New Recovery Memberships

Recovery Now Includes Cryo & Compression

Make Recovery and Optimization part of your active lifestyle. Reduce soreness, pain, and fatigue, so you can recover faster!

✅ Naturally manage chronic pain and mood issues
✅ Train for high-performance challenges knowing you have the recovery resources prized by professional athletes available to you
✅ 100% Fresh Air Electric Cryotherapy

Now when you sign up for a monthly Recovery Membership (Classic or Pro) enjoy Compression Therapy too. (At no additional cost 😉).

Recovery Classic 

>> What you get: Four Normatec compression therapy AND four whole body cryotherapy sessions each month for only $105 (a $240 value!)

Recovery Pro 

>> What you get: UNLIMITED Compression AND Whole Body Cryotherapy