About Us

Welcome to Grit City Wellness, a premier Fitness and Recovery studio. We believe self-care should be fun, fast, and effective. Join a movement of in-the-know athletes and early adopters who are using ancient techniques and modern technology to train harder, recover faster, kick chronic pain, maintain their edge, and renew peace of mind.


The Grit City Mantra

Our future is born in the every day. Not in wishes but in choices. Grit tells us that ability isn’t fixed. Grit says that talent doesn’t determine our ceiling. Commitment does. Grit tells us that age is a number not a destiny. Grit finds ways to rest, rebuild, and return to the quest faster, stronger, fresher. Grit finds what it needs to keep growing, to keep giving, to keep going. Passion in our right foot, persistence in our left, we run, walk, scramble, and climb. This is Grit City. Nobody said it was going to be easy.


A new kind of Wellness Center

As we envisioned a new kind of wellness center, we wanted to honor the impulse to invest in yourself — so that you can bring your best to the world. From our personal trainers and group instructors, to body work practitioners and recovery technology, we've spared no expense. This is our way of ensuring you can maximize your time and results.


Franchise Opportunity

Ready to represent? Open your own Grit City Wellness franchise with our proven business model and world-class support.