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Somadome Meditation

We don't have to tell you that modern life is stressful. Deep relaxation and mindfulness are powerful tools to neutralize anxiety, but these skills can take years to master. Get centered with Somadome, then get back to your life. A personal meditation dome with chromo therapy (light therapy), sound therapy, and 20 guided meditations, Somadome can help you make a dramatic shift in your mood and mindfulness in just 20 relaxing minutes.

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More about Somadome sessions

Being inside the Somadome gives the illusion of infinity. The colors that play across the curve of the dome can be programmed according to chromotherapy to support the goals of your session. Enjoy the pinnacle of focus as you go through one of 20 guided meditations or use your session for some unguided meditation. Aided by binaural beats, inaudible frequencies that move us toward brain states achieved during meditation, you will access the anxiety-neutralizing benefits of meditation more quickly.

Guided Sessions can focus on four areas:

  • Physical wellness
  • Mental performance
  • Attracting our intentions
  • Journeying inward