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24/7 Fitness & Private Instruction

We get it. Your life is full but fitness is a priority. That's why our fitness center is open to members 24 hours a day. It's also why we do everything we can to make your workout a joy. From kitting out our fitness studio with top-of-the-line equipment, to staffing up with the best tacoma personal training team around, to complimentary infused water and towel service, we get the details right.

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24/7 Fitness Center

24-hour fitness centers can feel a bit...neglected. Skimping on equipment, maintenance, and cleaning are all classic problems at the gym. Tacoma has come to expect so much more from us than the typical gym experience. We immaculately maintain our fitness studio. And we feature top-quality workout systems, many of which you already know and love. Bottom line, we're constantly investing in one thing: making sure nothing detracts from your workout.

  • Professionally maintained Precor machines
  • A TRX multi-mount training zone
  • Torque dumbells and barbells
  • SpinnerĀ® Shift Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • All-natural towel service
  • Infused water

Your Tacoma Personal Training Destination

Our Tacoma personal training team focuses on movement training. A recent study featuring firefighters revealed that movement-based training not only improves fitness results more than traditional training but also provides better athletic and real-world performance.


  • Build and tone muscles more effectively
  • Make efficient natural movement part of your muscle memory
  • Tailor your training toward your performance goals

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