I N T R O   S P E C I A L    $50 savings when you try 3 of our most popular services.


You can always see pricing for a one-time Service, Class, or Workshop by visiting our booking page. But for our best deals, we offer some of our most popular services in packages that will save you money here. We also offer unlimited memberships for some of our core offerings like the 24/7 fitness center, yoga, and whole body cryotherapy.



Strength Classic

Get 24/7 access to our innovative and well-appointed fitness center. Enjoy an elevated gym experience and a refreshing community of fitness-focused members, brand new equipment, and more.

  • Precor machines professionally maintained
  • SpinnerĀ® Shift Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • Torque barbells and dumbells
  • A TRX multi-mount training zone
  • All-natural towel service


Recovery Classic

Make Whole Body Cryotherapy part of your active lifestyle with (4) Sessions per mo. Reduce soreness, pain, and fatigue, so you can recover faster.

  • Naturally manage chronic pain and mood issues
  • Train for high-performance challenges knowing you have the recovery resources prized by professional athletes available to you
  • 100% Fresh Air Electric Cryotherapy


Vitality Classic

You know you want boundless bliss in your life. Go ahead and invest in yourself with our Vitality Classic membership featuring (4) Infrared Sauna sessions per month. Includes:

  • Chromotherapy
  • Himalayan Salt
  • SO SoundĀ® Acoustic Resonance
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Wrap, Towels and Robe
  • Ice and Filtered Water


Strength Elite

Take our Classic membership to the next level by adding unlimited Recovery, Strength and Mobility classes.

  • Amazing value compared to per-class pricing
  • UV Light Treatment between each class


Recovery Elite

Reduce soreness, pain, and fatigue, so you can feel great fast. Make Whole Body Cryotherapy an integral part of your active lifestyle. Includes:

  • (8) Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions per month.


Vitality Elite

Relaxation, Detoxification, Pain Relief and Immune Support are among the numerous benefits available from our Infrared Sauna. Invest in yourself with our monthly Vitality Elite membership featuring:

  • (8) Infrared Sauna sessions per month


Strength Pro

Get 24/7 access to our innovative and well-appointed fitness center and (4) 45-minute 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions per mo.


Recovery Pro

Make Whole Body Cryotherapy a seamless part of your healthy lifestyle with with an unlimited monthly membership.


Vitality Pro

Enjoy boundless bliss while giving your body the very best with our monthly unlimited Vitality Pro membership.