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Vitamin Bar

Due to modern farming methods, our food sources have become less nutrient rich. Current health trends beg for something more than the traditional approach to “supplementing” a healthy diet. Emerging research into injectable vitamins shows promise for reversing steady health declines in our population and for prolonging vitality and health for individuals throughout our lengthened lifespans.

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Vitamin bar injections

Faster and better absorption

Oral supplements must first be broken down in the digestive tract and absorbed by the body before the active ingredients can begin to exert their effects. In addition, low quality nutrients and cheap fillers can decrease the bio-availability of supplements, greatly reducing intestinal absorption, resulting in unpredictable levels of active ingredients reaching the bloodstream. High-quality vitamin and homeopathic injections, however, provide direct delivery of nutrients into the body’s tissues, ensuring 100% absorption of the active ingredients.


PNW Hydration & Wellness

Vitamin Injections and Drip IVs are offered in partnership with PNW Hydration & Wellness. 

Available dates: No appointment required. 

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Sunday, sept.18 (10am-3pm)

Sunday, OCT.16 (10am-3pm)

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